Bearing seats, saddles, flanges, "O" ring grooves, pump impellers, and end-bell housings are all common Marine applications

Scored hydraulic equipment, cylinder walls, valves, shafts and bearing fits are just some of the components that have been salvaged by the Brush Plating process.

Corrosion on components in the marine industry is a major problem! Shown here is a seal area on a large generator from an ocean liner. The area had become grooved and pitted from exposure to salt water and harsh environments. The stator on the shaft is over 11 feet in diameter and there was no available lathe to machine the corroded area without removing the stator. CMC was called to fill in the pitting and re-sizing that shaft to original tolerances. The pitting was filled with a copper heavy build-up and polished to a smooth finish. For corrosion protection and hard surfacing, a .005” build-up of 54 Rc. Nickel was deposited on top of the copper. The entire repair was completed in less time than it would have taken to remove the stator.