CAD Plating Specifications


Brush Cadmium Plating approval for LDC-4803 Cadmium S

Purpose: Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Cadmium Brush Plating Solution 

CMC uses LDC Aerospace approved Plating solutions for all our Brush Cadmium plating.

The following specifications approve LDC-4803 and can be certified to:

  • AMS 2451A14A MIL-STD-865D
  • Boeing BAC 5849
  • Boeing BAC 5854
  • McDonnell Douglas DPS 9.89
  • Allied Signal FP 5059
  • DOT-FAA-AC# 43 13-1A & 2A
  • Bell Helicopter BHT-ALL-SPM 1309 H
  • Sikorsky (United Technologies) SS 8443
  • Messier-Dowty DCMP-131 & PCS-2141
  • Hughes Helicopter HP4-113
  • AMS QQ-P-416
  • BF Goodrich LGPS 1102
  • Lockheed Mm1in STP 58-020
  • Gulfstream GAMPS 6103


LDC-4803 is a proprietary formulation / product of Liquid Development Company (LDC) of Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. When properly applied, LDC-4803 will produce a pure high quality Cadmium deposit with the following performance characteristics: corrosion protection, and the ability to omit hydrogen embrittlement relief treatment of high-strength steels. LDC certifies that the deposit characteristics produced by LDC-4803 Cadmium S are equivalent to those produced by similar products, such as, Cadmium (No Bake) Code: 2023 and SPS 5070 Cadmium LHE.