Brush Plating has found many applications in numerous industries and is used by OEM, manufacturers, service and maintenance companies alike.

At the specification end of the spectrum, Aerospace and the Nuclear industries are the prime users. The bulk of Brush Plating work is in engineering applications requiring surface and profile modifications, property enhancements, salvages or repairs. Re-sizing of bearing journals and shafts, repairs of fretting, corrosion, and low-stress metal additions are all possible with the Brush Plating process. The usage of Brush Plating technology is found in the following and other industrial sectors:

  • Transportation (Aircraft, Marine, Rail, Automotive)   Read more>
  • Electrical (Power Generation, Electronics, Motors)   Read more>
  • Industrial (Moulds and Dies, Hydraulics, Rotating Equipment)
  • Resources (Mining, Pulp & Paper, Petroleum, Refining)
  • Printing (Cylinders, Bearing Journals and Housings)   Read more>
  • Food (Pharmaceutical, Mixers, Corrosion Protection)  Read more>